The leading Augmented Reality learning application used by millions of students and teachers worldwide.

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Augie Learn

A New Way to Learn

Augie Learn has combined the latest in augmented reality with learning. Utilizing both teachers, parents and app developer ideas, Augie Learn has generated hundreds of questions and thousands of hours of learning and fun for students of all ages.

Curriculum Approved Standard

All math problems with the app are curriculum approved. Questions challenge students but are never too hard to where they feel discouraged to play

Used by Students and Parents Worldwide

Augie Learn is used by parents, teachers and students from around the world. Whether it be in the class room or out, Augie Learns fun way of learning is the perfect math tutor to every student.

Parents In the Classroom

Augie Learn offers parents and teachers a back end dashboard to identify what questions a student is getting right and wrong. The intuitive dashboard provides parents and teachers a deep look into the progress of their children and students learning.

Learning they crave

Giving Students the Learning They Crave

With more students learning from home, Augie Learn provides a unique and exciting way for students to learn. Parents and teachers can stay connected to their children’s learning on their phone or laptop through the learning dashboard

  • Real time reporting
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Detailed analysis on each question and assignment
  • Summary and student assessment reports

Support your child with your own parent Account

Setting up a account is as easy as a few simple clicks. Once a parent or teacher sets up an account they can hit the ground running to gain valuable insights into each and every question a child completes. The intuitive dashboard is you very own and personalized tutor tool. Augie Learn’s backend platform allows teachers and parents to get a perfect summary of all questions answered, what questions the student got right and wrong, how much time the student spend on each question and much more.

Loads of Data, Simplified Reporting

Drill down into student data in order to provide necessary supplemental support on key learning concept. Augie Learn’s dashboard allows parent and students to support each phase of the learning process and students progress through grade levels. Don’t wait until you get your child’s report card to give your child the support they need, access Augie Learns dashboard at any time to assess your child’s learning progress.

Loads of Data, Simplified Reporting
Loads of Data, Simplified Reporting
all in one tool

“all in one tool…”

My daughter was struggling in math and I didn’t know where to turn, I found Augie Learn and played a few levels with my daughter and she immediately loved it. I found a way to turn her phone into a learning tool which I loved. The Best part is that through their parent dashboard I can get insight into what problems and math concepts gave her trouble and help her when I get home from work. I just check the all in one tool and when I get home already have a head stat to figure out where she needs a bit more help and focus”

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Are You Ready To Give Your Kids and Students Augie Learn?

Start Augie Learn today and get access to hundreds of levels and questions and thousands of hours of student learning.Augie Learn comes with a parent and teacher dashboard that gives valuable insight into each and every question child completes on the app.Start using Augie Learn today and join millions in using the one and only augmented reality learning application.

Are You Ready To Give Your Kids and Students Augie Learn?

Augie Learn in the News

Mena Reagion

Mena Reagion

Augie Learn enters Iraq and becomes an instant hit! Over 20,000 users per day are signing up to use the app. In partnership with IraqCom, Augie Learn hopes to increase its user base across the entire mena region.Make sure to sign up to our email newsletter to find when Augie Learn will become available in your country.

Augie Learn Launches Across Europe

Augie Learn Launches Across Europe

Augie Learn signs on to become a key partner with many direct mobile carriers across Europe.Augie Learn enables direct carrier billing within their app across multiple countries within Europe including; Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Slovakia and many more. Direct Carrier billing makes it easy for consumers to get full access to the application via billing though their mobile phone carrier

Launching The App

Launching The App

Augie Learn becomes the first augmented reality education app to enter the app store. Using curriculum based math concepts, Augie Learn brings the classroom into your phone and brings it to life using augmented reality. Zaine, age 5 from Canada says’ “It was so fun, I loved seeing the dinosaur come to life, it felt really real. I spent an hour playing the math games and showed how cool it was to my friends”